April 2022

April 2022 was a profitable month for Singles, while the accumulator section took a big hit.

Our top offer of Big Bets brought an excellent return of 21.46% profit by landing 16 of the overall 28 tips. The best streak for this segment was from 8th to 16th April when it won 8 on the bounce.

The High Odds with minimal 9 wins from overall 27 landed an excellent 19.81% profit. The tips in the segment were rather teasing with a number of games falling short by a single goal. The segment has now posted positive ROI for a fourth in five months.

Small Odds registered -1.05% ROI after an excellent first half that landed 9 of the 12 tips. The second half was particularly disappointing and finished with 14 wins from 28 overall.

The Over 1.5 double once again posted positive results, this time highest since its introduction by winning 15 of the 26 tips posting a 21.96% ROI.

Mixed Doubles had a terrible month for the first time in our history after managing to win just twice in April. This segment had posted 59.40% profit in March.

You can find all tips posted in the month of April 2022 in Google Sheet using the link below.